1912 Earl S. Thomas starts a Food Brokerage firm to represent independent Fruit and Vegetable canners.
1921 The company adds imported spices to its product line.
1930 Green coffee is first imported by the company and by 1940 Cocoa is added to utilize the company’s growing marketing expertise.
1949 Bob Singer joins the firm and broadens the scope of the business to include finished packaged products for the retail trade.
1955 Jack Large becomes a partner and together with Evan Cover, who joined in 1952, takes the company into the Industrial market by supplying ingredients to manufacturers.
1957 The growing firm employed Ted Loewi who helped launch McCain Foods in Ontario. This includes the sale of the first Canadian made frozen French fry into the Foodservice Market and the inception of frozen foods for many foodservice distributors.
1958 Rich Products are introduced by TLS into the Canadian market.
1972 A new division is formed to market Rich’s Bake-Off frozen dough product for Retail in-store bakeries.
1973 TLS builds its own 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse to provide full-service to its Principals.
1974 TLS appoints Ted Loewi as President and Bob Singer as Chairman of the Board.
1979 The Quebec TLS office is opened in a branch plant of the Reinhart Operation.
1980 TLS launches Sea Legs, the first Surimi product to be marketed in Canada.
1983 Grant Small Sales is merged into TLS to create one of Ontario’s largest food brokers with separate staffs in Retail – Grocery, retail – Non-Food, Foodservice, Industrial and Bake-Off.
1992 Launches Tropicana Juices in Ontario – becomes the #1 juice brand in Canada.
1996 Merges with MKQ Sales bringing in three new partners and many new lines including Tetley Tea & Smucker’s.

TLS launches its corporate wide software, synchronous advanced enterprise software.

TLS and Emblem Logistics move into new, wholly owned facility in Woodbridge, Ontario.

TLS acquires Murray Spencer Sales & Terra Nova Brokers in Maritimes & Newfoundland.


TLS acquires Vancouver’s Tier One Brokerage with offices in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton & Winnipeg.

TLS is the first national Food Broker with the largest staff and most offices in the industry.


TLS responds to the consolidation of the national branded food brokerage business and sells that division to Acosta Sales and Marketing of Jacksonville, Florida.

TLS remains active in Industrial and Private Label Brokerage businesses as well as the buy/sell component of national brands whose sales representation were sold to Acosta.


TLS moves to its new head office in Markham, retaining its warehouse in Woodbridge, Ontario.

‘TLS begins national broker management services for Equal Sweetener products, managing the retail and food service sales network.

2008 TLS expands syndicated national broker management services to 3 other clients creating a separate division within TLS.
2009 TLS is awarded the buy/sell business of Post Foods Canada requiring an additional warehouse space in a new building in Milton, Ontario.
2010 TLS licenses with MEI for their Troubadour Trade Price/Promotions software, as TLS’s primary platform for forecasting and managing sales and trade spending.
2011 TLS launches its updated website and corporate identity.
2012 TLS celebrates 100 years of growth and success.

TLS is awarded the value chain distribution nationally for Starbucks Canada Ltd.

TLS welcomes the fourth generation of the family when David Singer joins the firm.


Emblem Logistics moves into a new facility in Brampton, Ontario

TLS is awarded the value chain distribution of Want-Want Group. Want-Want is the world’s largest producer of rice crackers.

TLS is awarded the value chain distribution business nationally for R&B Foods Inc’s Ragu products

TLS is awarded the value chain distribution for Tim Horton’s retail business.