Value Chain Distribution

Value Chain Distribution consists of a wide range of financial and logistics processes that complete the order to cash cycle. Building a similar infrastructure in-house is resource-intensive, expensive, and requires years of experience.

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Value chain distributor

Our solution frees up your resources and lets you focus on building your brands! As your valued supply chain management partner, we strive for a seamless business process by providing full visibility to sales, promotional funds and inventories.

We tailor solutions to satisfy your unique needs, all at a variable cost. Furthermore, our bargaining power and the ability to consolidate shipments, translate into direct cost savings across our spectrum of services.


TLS has the expertise and resources to provide consistent, on-time delivery nationally. Our long-standing relationships with our carriers, along with the ability to consolidate outbound shipments, keep transportation costs low. Our Logistics Management Services include:


Inventory Management

  • Inventory management against forecasted sales.
  • Status reports for product and replenishment needs.
  • Forecast and replenishment to coordinate with production planning at your plant.
  • Service level reporting.

Worldwide Procurement & Transportation

  • Freight-in arrangement in full containers or truckloads translates to reduced shipping time and costs.
  • Movement of product from plant to warehouse to the customer.
  • Cross-border shipment: custom clearance, duties and documentation compliance.
  • Optimal freight and reduced tariffs through consolidation.
  • Freight bill adjudication and payment.
  • Cross-docking.
TLS solutions

At TLS, we are 100% committed to providing customized warehousing and distribution solutions based on our client’s unique needs. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Emblem Logistics, adds value to the warehousing and distribution part of the supply chain management process, offering features such as:

warehousing solutions
  • A 587,000 square foot, 36 foot-high warehouse.
  • Dry storage: 44,000 racked pallet positions in dry, ambient storage.
  • Frozen and refrigerated warehousing capabilities available.
  • Over 250,000 sq ft of bulk storage.
  • Maximized logistical benefits – Advanced Ship Notice (ASN).
  • Seventy five hydraulic docks and two drive-in doors for efficient and fast service.
  • Electric forklifts and reach trucks with fast charge technology.
  • Pallet management.
  • Single and double deep bins available.
  • Full bin and lot controlled systems.
  • Barcoding.
  • Pick & Pack.
  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • Advanced monitored security.
  • Pest control management.
  • Co-packing:
    • Assist in optimizing the modular configuration to minimize cost.
    • Source local packaging suppliers to reduce shipping and overall costs.
    • Access to a pool of skilled labor.
    • Shrink tunnel available.


At TLS, ongoing investment in technology and information systems is a core facet of our value chain distribution strategy. Our IT and business managers will develop solutions to satisfy your information requirements to provide the data you need when you need it.

Our hardware infrastructure, along with our software systems, provides the best-in-class solution. We offer our clients secure online access to our sales and AFS Promotion Management systems 24-hours a day.

TLS continually invests in keeping pace with all Canadian IT requirements, saving our clients the investment costs.

value chain distributor

Our Software Systems include:

  • State-of-the-art ODBC systems, providing accurate real-time information.
  • Synchronous Advanced Enterprise Software handling all aspects of our Brokerage and Order to Cash Distribution Services.
  • AFS Trade Spend Management solutions.

Our Hardware Infrastructure includes:

  • Virtual infrastructure running on VMware vSphere in combination with a fully redundant hardware platform designed to provide best-in-class uptime and business agility to meet new customer demands.
  • Cloud connection through ASIC-based firewall providing ironclad security and performance.
  • Redundant Internet connections providing robust speed and uptime, ensuring critical services remain online in the event of a carrier outage.
  • Custom-built private VPN link to another facility where we replicate business-critical information in real time to an off-site location.

Financial Management

TLS has the expert team and resources to process all back-end administrative work, including financial management functions to ensure the order to cash process, is executed efficiently. Our Financial Management Services include:




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Pie Chart
  • Custom Spending Reports.
  • Post-Promotion Analysis.
  • EDI Capabilities.
  • Price, Promotion & Policy Compliance.
  • Validation, Processing & Payable Tracking.
  • Cash & Foreign Exchange Management.
  • Tax Registration & Reporting.
  • Database Management.
  • Funds Tracking.
  • Invoicing & Collections.
  • Deduction Management.
  • GS1 Product Catalogue & Recycling Programs.

Broker Management

Our approach to broker management is to have a dedicated or syndicated TLS team member work closely with your broker of choice to ensure they are consistently in alignment with your business strategy.

This approach is especially advantageous for clients located outside of Canada who want local representation to be actively involved with the brokerage and sale of their products. Our strong relationships with many Canadian brokers enable us to also offer assistance in sourcing the perfect broker for your company.

Our broker management team works closely with the client to develop sales targets and executes your plans by:

  • Establishing sales and promotion budgets
  • Performing continuous progress reviews
  • Evaluating customer product mix and detail merchandising strategies
  • Maintaining strong customer trade relationships
  • Managing trade spend to ensure effective use of funds and working closely with finance to ensure the return on investment is achieved
  • Identifying new business opportunities in the market, e.g. alternate channels, new listings, and monitoring competitive activity
  • Continuously creating and implementing innovate consumer and trade promotions
  • Coordinating sales and marketing activities to ensure they are working in tandem for a smooth implementation