TLS Warehouse Operations

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Warehouse Statistics:

Year Built:
December 2014 – Building construction completed
March 2015 – Warehouse operations opened
January 2017 – Warehouse expansion completed

Operations Area:
586,920 square feet
36 feet clear height

Storage Capacity:
44,211 pallet positions
6 and 7 positions high
Single and double deep bins available
Over 250,000 sq/ft bulk storage

71 docks + 2 drive in

Hours of Operations:
24 hours x 5 days per week – 3 shifts
Weekend operations available as needed

Food grade
Full co-pack operation with 2 shrink tunnels

Operations Equipment:
All electric forklifts and reach trucks with fast charge technology

The TLS Advantage:

Emblem Logistics Inc. is a full service warehouse operation, owned and operated by TLS.  Because our warehouse is not a 3PL, we are able to deploy our resources as needed to cope with changes in the demand of your business to ensure superior customer service.

TLS uses a single ERP system to manage all of our business operations, including our WMS transactions, eliminating the need to reconcile warehouse movements and inventory balances to your other systems.

An in-house co-pack operation, complete with shrink tunnels, means we can produce custom displays on site.  This eliminates the additional cost of shipping product to external co-packers and receiving it back in the warehouse, and significantly reduces the turnaround time to create product displays.

Warehouse Location:

Located at 7825 Winston Churchill Blvd in Brampton, Ontario, our warehouse is strategically located in a high-profile location with easy access to major highways.  The building has frontage on Highway 407, in the area where Highways 407 and 401 converge—the two primary east-west corridors in Southern Ontario.

Warehouse Location

Thomas, Large & Singer- Experts in Value Chain Management

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Thomas, Large & Singer- Experts in Value Chain Management

When it comes to value chain distribution and management, you’ll need to make sure that all of the logistical and financial processes for your business have been put in place properly. Building an in-house infrastructure that follows a distribution chain requires a lot of resources and experience and is expensive to run. For value & supply chain management and solutions in Canada & USA, trust Thomas, Large & SInger. When you use our services, you’ll be able to focus more on building the future of your company.
At Thomas Large & Singer we provide solutions that allow you to concentrate on the bigger picture. We offer value & supply chain management services that provide full visibility to inventories, promotional funds and sales. We’ll work with you to create a tailor-made solution based on your company’s unique requirements and you’ll also be able to use our bargaining power to your advantage as well as our experience in consolidating shipments. As a result, you’ll see direct savings that will influence your overall earning potential.

Why Choose Us?

Our warehouse stretches over 130,000 ft.² and offers monitored security, pest control, co-packing, advanced shipping notice, 24/7 emergency service and much more. We also work with obtaining customs clearance for cross-border shipping while arranging reduced tariffs and optimal freight handling. We can manage all of the logistics of the shipping for you while ensuring the best rates.

Our financial management services include customized spending reports, managing cash and foreign exchange, EDI capabilities, compliance of policies, promotions and prices, reporting and registering taxes and much more. We are also broker management specialists that can help with sales and branding strategies, the development of marketing materials, the implementation of trade and consumer promotions and various other services.

Our company uses state-of-the-art technology including an ODBC System, a VPN private link, a firewall that is ASIC-based, a cloud VMware connection, Trade Spend MEI management and redundant Internet connections. This is all incorporated into comprehensive reporting so that you are aware of your business transactions at all times.

Creating the proper lines that runs from the initial order to the cash cycle is expensive and complicated. If any one part of the cycle breaks down or is placed incorrectly, your company can be put in jeopardy. In order to build and support a business correctly, the entire chain has to run smoothly from start to end. That is why a value chain distributor is so important for any business.

Call us today at 905-754-3500 or contact us through our online form to find out more about Thomas, Large & Singer value & supply chain management and solutions in Canada & USA.